Monday, August 28, 2017

Add local taxpayers to schools on the cusp of Foxconning

As the Legislature speeds the $3 billion Foxconn state subsidy package and its related demands on local budgets to a final vote - - and also to guarantee what Republicans believe will be Scott Walker's 2018 re-election win - - you can add looming local tax increases to an increasingly cloudy picture:

"You could see a big (property tax) increase and residents aren't going to be happy with that," said Dale Knapp, research director of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, who examined the issue at the request of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 
Yes, you are seeing that FitzWalkerstan heresy correctly (well, as they say, you-know-what rolls downhill)- -  to the environmenteducation and transportation funding being Foxconned.

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Anonymous said...

The real problem with the Fox Conn Con Job is that Scooter can do whatever he wants because his supporters are entrenched in a lie, and that lie is that he is a great conservative. Do you know which group of people should be opposed to the Con? That's right, conservatives. Listen to the jackasses in the assembly GOP. Several of the legislators have started their comments in the hearings like this: "I beleive in free market, but" or "I am against government handouts, but", ...... My real question to them is, BUT WHAT???

I would like to share the discussion I had with a so-called conservative friend. Friend: "so we are giving them a few tax breaks, what is wrong with that?" Me: "We are giving them tax credits which is free money right from the start" Friend: "That is not true, haven't you been listening to the Gov" Me: "Watch Wiseye and you will find that not a single GOP legislator has argued that the millions will be tax credits" My parting words were: "Let me guess, they are fake legislators in these hearings, like fake news."

If Gov Moron said that we need to hand in our guns, the fools who voted for him would be fine with it. If he said we should start using tax money for abortions, they'd say OK.

If this is such a great idea, how about every person who agrees with it can put 1000 bucks down for it and 25 years from now see what their return is. As for me, this is by far the most foolhardy deal Walker has come up with.