Wednesday, May 30, 2018 wants your photos

To this item about Scottholes, let me add the organization's website which is collecting your photos. 

I'd posted a few couple pothole and disintegrating photos on residential street in Milwaukee North Shore communities in 2015, but nothing that compared to this strong statement posted on STOP's Scottholes website showing a bridge permanently closed near Lake Wissota, Chippewa County, because of funding shortages.

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Anonymous said...

This scotthole, on a massive buildboard, would get people's attention:

Walker hasn't had an actual balanced-budget yet, but don't expect to see that story anywhere. There's a reason he ran on "actual" accounting (matching expenses to the assets they produce which accurately spreads expenditures over their useful life) and now is happy to misrepresent his fiscal disaster with bogus "cash" accounting (which does not match inflows/outflows and does not spread expenditures over their useful life)

This isn't a wonky or geeky points. Scottholes are the norm now becuase of Walker's deceptive budgets and the lie that they are balanced.