Wednesday, July 12, 2017

To fight feedlot runoff, WI DNR has delivered zero bottled water as promised

[Updated from 7/12/17] Here's a shocking update to a post I put up Wednesday about ongoing manure overflows and the resulting contamination of surface and groundwaters near animal feeding operations, many in business under permits issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A manure discharge in Kewaunee County
Remember the program the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources rolled out two months ago to deliver bottled water especially in Kewaunee County because manure leaking from big animal feeding operations running with DNR permits was contaminating nearby wells?

In low-key rollout, DNR begins giving water to those with tainted wells

Low-key? How about off-key? Tone-deaf? Bone-dry?

Earlier Wednesday I emailed DNR spokesman James Dick and asked how much of that water had been distributed, because I'd been hearing that people in rural Wisconsin were describing the program as "total bulls**t."

WI DNR spokesman Dick's answer:

I have been hearing that the directions for obtaining bottled included at the DNR's webpage are confusing for some elderly residents, that the eligibility requirements can be hard to grasp or meet, that not everyone has a computer with which to log on and get help, etc.

And while there indeed is information on the DNR website about the program, I see no p.r. or news release campaign by the agency promoting it.

Wisconsin residents and taxpayers are supposed to get bottled water because the DNR and its permittees are not effectively stopping the flow of brown water.

The DNR should get into the field and fix this and be the people's advocates. 


(Correction: During my blog writing and editing, a type face change I introduced to James Dick's quote when inserting it to make it consistent with the appearance of rest of the item continued into another line of copy that was not part of his quote, thus attributing that extra line to him. I have corrected it.)


Anonymous said...

Did you really think they were going to show up and deliver water to anyone who was concerned? Come on. These people are into budget cutting, not public welfare.

Jim Limbach said...

The "D" in DNR surely stands for Deplorable.

Swing Genie Trading LLC said...

Remember clean air and water don't pay taxes or sign paychecks. So said dnr secretary