Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Walker to S. Korea, though the subsidy cupboard is empty

Though he's responsible for a stalled state budget, the second-worst-in-the-country-road-system and an incomplete expansion of Wisconsin's busiest highway interchange that's seemingly "on a track to nowhere," says Journal Sentinel editorial writer Ernie Franzen - - our always-running-for-re-election GOP Gov. Scott Walker announces he's passing the buck to his party's squabbling legislators and heading soon on a trade mission to South Korea.

Though having promised Foxconn unprecedented perks plus $200 million cash every year until the meter hits $3 billion, I'm not sure what he's got to offer South Korean businesses except some travel brochures
Order Guides
and maybe some frozen State Fair cream puffs.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Walker-the Frank Burns of politicians.