Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Scott Walker's endorsement of Trump's recklessness hits Day 111

While other Republicans have withdrawn their Donald Trump presidential endorsements based on his words and deeds, Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker has not
Walker made his endorsement on July 20 - - "absolutely," he saidone hundred and 111 days ago.  And counting.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board never took Walker to task for that support. It called on Paul Ryan and other unnamed GOP leaders to withdraw those endorsements, but never mentioned Walker by name.

Walker has hit Day 111 without ever being held accountable by the state's largest paper.
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Anonymous said...


So did you expect him to endorse Hillary Clinton. The national parties each disgracefully nominated the most unpopular candidates in US history. Trump may have stole Scott Walker's thunder, but the dems rigged the process and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

And some want to make this about who Walker is backing, even though it is with relatively little media attention?