Thursday, November 10, 2016

WI DNR officials could rate a Trump look

OK - - GOP WI Scott Walker self-importantly took himself out of consideration for a job with incoming President Donald Trump because Walker's consistent but low-energy Trumpian embrace doesn't get you a brass ring, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke might rate consideration for a mid-level Homeland Security post, for example, because he was out there loud and long and frequently on Fox News for The Donald.

And while a lot of Wisconsin folks have their own fantasy draft or appointment worry lists, I'm throwing out the names of a couple of Wisconsinites with private sector, public sector and the right/Right correct partisan and ideological credentials who might rate a look by Trump or his transition team.

*  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp, whom Walker appointed to run the agency because she had the "chamber of commerce mentality" he wanted to direct his DNR redefinition which continues to be embedded and operate there.

Secretary Cathy Stepp
She spoke publicly for Trump during the campaign and has, on paper a resume which might have some appeal, having been a land developer, a Wisconsin State Senator, and high-profile cabinet Secretary for nearly five years - - and is on a first name basis with Elizabeth Uihlein, a major donor to Republicans, Scott Walker and Donald Trump, as I noted recently

Stepp might not want to move to Washington, DC, but could be dropped into a spot like Regional Director at the US Environmental Protection Agency Chicago's office and easily commute there from her Racine County base.

Overall, I rate her chances as a long-shot.

*  Former Deputy DNR Secretary Matt Moroney, an attorney who became a special assistant to Walker in 2015 and is now Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations - - a job that focuses on state agencies oversight and efficiency.

Moroney, the daily detail guy and ideological filter at the DNR. had been the former Executive Director of the Metropolitan Builders Association of Greater Milwaukee. 

All in all, he has stronger resume than Stepp's which could resonate with the transition team or to senior Trump appointees with legal, judicial, deputy or assistant or management slots to fill.

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