Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As predicted, WI AG endorses public waters' giveaway

[Updated from 1:44 p.m. Tuesday, 5/10] Now look for blatantly pro-corporate legislation to land on the desk of our pro-corporate Governor to implement a pro-corporate opinion from Wisconsin's pro-corporate Attorney General that will eventually be affirmed by our pro-corporate State Supreme Court that says our pro-corporate Department of Natural Resources legally cannot regulate water withdrawals and their downstream and neighboring quality in the public interest - - as the State Constitution has long mandated.

An action coordinated by the corporate interests running the State Capitol these days and predicted on this blog last week.

And predicted, for years, as this 2013 post indicates:

Ultimate GOP Environmental Target In Wisconsin Is The Public Trust Doctrine
There is a principle in state law and history known as the Public Trust Doctrine. Though awkwardly titled, it's crucial to Wisconsin's appeal by guaranteeing everyone here the right to access and enjoy all waters in the state. 
The Public Trust Doctrine dates to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 - - long before Wisconsin statehood - - and is etched as Article IX in the Wisconsin State Constitution. 
You can read about it on a DNR website, here. 
But this basic Wisconsin birthright remains under continuous assault by Gov. Walker, Republican legislators, business groups and even short-sighted judges. 
And you don't have to be a water expert of political scientist to see that removing the Public Trust Doctrine from the state constitution, or watering it down to insignificance is atop the GOP's conservative and anti-conservation agenda.
How much documentation and how many links would you like? Here are more than a dozen more, and there are scores more through the blog index, upper left corner:

Growing concerns over Wisconsin's groundwater crisis 

So, Bucky, the manure shall flow - -
- - and not just in legislation.

And goodbye, clean Wisconsin - - water and politics, too.


Anonymous said...

The Walker way.............abuse and misuse what ever Wisconsin resource that you choose as long as you keep the contributions to Republicans coming!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Waukesha wants to tap Great Lakes water and filed a fraudulent diversion plan that greatly over-stated the need, included service areas that did not need or want Great Lakes water, and lied that they could not treat radium. In fact, Waukesha has all of the water they need at the City Water Utilities administrator has acknowledged this (video links in threads below).

No one will stop Waukesha from doing whatever they want to with this water once they have access to it. The republican cabal is officially proclaiming they have a right to do anything and there is no enforcement mechanism in the compact itself.

Sure, they could dissolve the compact agreement itself, but that just would legitimize Waukesha's abuse of Great Lakes water and give them a blank check to draw what they want for whatever purpose they want -- including selling for profit to any and all comers.