Friday, January 6, 2017

'Taconite' Tom wants to free WI mining; Walker seems OK w/it

The pro-mining GOP caucus in the Wisconsin Legislature now wants to get rid of the state's mining moratorium.

Read its leader's specious justifications, his attack on the US EPA as a "rogue" agency and Gov. Walker's shoulder-shrug suggesting support for the mining law's deletion, here.

More on this tomorrow.

Sidenote - - this is not the first time Walker and State Sen.Tom Tiffany have helped carry the mining lobby's water, and Tiffany played key roles in Walker's budgetary destruction of the DNR's science bureau and a failed effort to turn the DNR's policy oversight board into a purely advisory body.

Fewer scientists at the DNR which Walker is considering breaking apart, and get ready for exponentially greater groundwater withdrawals and resulting pollution from mines, big animal feeding operations and other projects sought by Walker/GOP donors.


Anonymous said...

I e-mailed Tiffany and blasted him with both barrels about his total disregard for Wisconsin's environment and his effort to couch his plans for environmental destruction in the need for economic revival and jobs in the northland compared to all the jobs elsewhere in our state. Not a word from him in response. How on earth did he get re-elected up there as he is out to screw them over for corporate support of himself and the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Even a pig can be taught right from wrong. They are intelligent animals. While we think of them as "dirty", this is not true. They are clean and only immerse themselves in muck when they need to cool off because they do not have a perspiration system.

Most pigs do not defecate on their food sources or in the water they drink. They know better. They have a conscious.

Today's republicans,owned by multinational oil interests, are shameless pigs of the narcissistic type -- a very peculiar variety.