Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Exit Michele Bachmann, enter Glenn Grothman, cue the train wreck

[Updated, 12:28 a.m. Tuesday] The devaluation and devolution of the US Congress - - remember that giants like Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, Thaddeus Stevens, Shirley Chisholm, Mickey Leland served there, as does John Lewis, yet - - continues downward with the arrival of Wisconsin's cartoonish Glenn Grothman's.

This blog has often taken note of Grothman's buffoonish self-promotion - - or here, among many posts, and yes, it's working - - look where he's headed - - while PolitiFact gathers up a few of Grothman's remarks into a top five list.

Grothman will be to the Wisconsin political scene what Kim Kardashian is to Instagram:

Someone willing to do or say most anything through traditional and social media for self-advancement, laughing all the way to the bank, or in Grothman's case, the ballot box, regardless of how weird is the celebrity being reinforced.

What I find especially interesting is that Grothman is one of those anti-government Tea Party ideologues who says he wants less federal government and reduced spending but jumped at the chance to more than triple his taxpayer-paid salary and haul in a bigger goody bag of perks, including a more generous pension, free round-trip airfares and a host of Capitol Hill, members-only discounts.

Grothman will hitch a ride in the clown car and join the Louis Gohmert of Texas circus - - but start the countdown now to the inevitable humiliation that will slop onto the state when DC and its pressures and especially its media temptations will prove Grothman unable to handle the environment.


Anonymous said...

I would guess the majority of voters are now being mocked too?

James Rowen said...

That's not what I said, but you are free to offer that as your view.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the majority of voters.

Of course Grothman won...in a gerrymandered district.

For a bunch of people who like "the market", GOP'ers sure don't like competition.