Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WI bear 'harvests' lead the nation; DNR wants bigger 2017 quota

On the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board 5/24 agenda. per the DNR, a proposed record number of permits is recommended to achieve a 5,000 bear "harvest" and "high quality bear hunting experience."
Well, not for the bears or the hounds which run willy-nilly in GPS-tracked packs.

Cue more only-in-America bear hound public reimbursement payments:
Note also that hound owners in Wisconsin are eligible for a $2,500 per killed hound - - details about the payments and other licensed hunting/training methods which have cruelty written all over them, here - - even if the hound was off-leash, released by a repeat offender or scofflaw, or died in a known wolf activity area which the DNR posts for all to see.

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