Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Great Lakes GOP leaders own Trump's Great Lakes trashing

What with Trump's budget ending Great Lakes Restoration and crucial, related Sea Grant funding, and cutting more clean water grants to states by 45%, it seems like a good day to acknowledge two literally sickening realities:

*  Donald Trump and his team - - the true invasive species threatening the region's waters - - do not know one thing or give a damn about the very Great Lakes states like Wisconsin and Michigan where his misled and manipulated voters gave him the Electoral College votes that put him in the White House.

Just as doesn't give a damn about their health care, public schools, clean air, and any other human need which government is supposed to improve, and to which government should at least do no harm.

*  And a solid wall of Wisconsin Republican elected officials - - Walker, Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Johnson, et al, 
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
in our state which borders and relies upon two of the five Great Lakes and has already under our Brown Water Governor flouted exiting clean water obligations, reduced water pollution inspection and enforcement and tolerated more phosphorous discharges impairing lakes and rivers that pollute the very Great Lakes Trump would officially ignore - - told presidential election voters here repeatedly that Trump was the best person to put into office and to write the next federal budget.

Under Paul Ryan and fellow Wisconsinite Reince Priebus' purportedly expert insider tutelage, who, like Walker and the rest of his in-state Ignoramus Caucus would rather cut taxes for their wealthy donors than make sure everyone else had cleansed, swimmable, fishable rivers and lakes, Great and otherwise.

Somehow all these incompetents and ideologues got on board their preferred Ship of Fools to the obvious detriment of our state and region's most important and already greatly endangered water resource and economic driver - - the Great Lakes.

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