Wednesday, August 24, 2016

22nd, 23rd WI bear hound in '16 thrown to wolves, killed

State-sanctioned animal cruelty - - a frequent topic on this blog because it illustrates some only-in-Wisconsin bloody behaviors and programs - -  continues unabated in the Wisconsin woods this year, where 23 bear hounds have been killed and five more injured by wolves, most if not all during so-called bear hunting training runs.

Twenty hounds have been killed since July 5th.

Plott hound, above. Four Plott hounds are among 23 bear hounds killed by wolves during so-called bear hound training this year, DNR records show
The data with maps and depredation locations is collected by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which pays out to bear hound owners - - even to those who are scofflaws, careless, willfully ignorant of known wolf activity areas (check out the maps) and even to repeat payment collectors - - $2,500 per sacrificed dog through an only-in-Wisconsin payout program lobbied through the Legislature by so-called sporting organizations. 

Hounds may also be legally 'trained' against bears in cages, with bears permitted in the training cages for up to 12 hours in a 24-hour period.

Hounds may also be 'trained' against captive animals smaller than bears in so-called roll cages.

These cages are permitted in so-called Dog Training Clubs, which the state licenses.

Read the rules. It's your state, too.


Unknown said...

There are 2 actions that can be taken about this issue.

1. Contact the DNR and tell them that citizens do not want out of state bear dog training on public land in Wisconsin.

2. Submit a resolution to the Wisconsin Conservation Congress that will remove payment for dogs lost to bears.

Tess said...

Or publish the names of the assholes letting their dogs be mangled and killed only to be rewarded with tax payer's money. I live up in northern Wisconsin and very few, one that I know of, has ever posted a picture of themselves with a "harvested" wolf in the local newspapers. That person got hell. Wolf hunters don't want the attention because they know the majority of people don't approve of the wolf hunt. I would think the public's opinion would be even less favorable on dogs being killed...probably in some cases on purpose for profit. It would be interesting to see if we have repeat offenders on the list...and if they adopted those hounds from animal shelters.

Unknown said...

That resolution has been submitted 4 years running and died in bear hunting committee. Shocking i know. Lol

That bill has been introduced and died the same number of times through the legislature.

We must FLOOD the media with lte and public awareness and demand the end to hounding of all predators.

Unknown said...

I have the list. Yes several repeats.

Tess said...

Melissa, You have to get that list out there. It can only bring awareness. I'm not sure people like the ones on the list can feel shame, but they will be exposed for what they are...cowards. It would also be a warning for animal shelters not to let these people adopt hounds from them. Not a bad investment....adopt a dog for $125.00 and take them out to be killed to collect $2500.00. If the list is out there maybe people will go Cecil the Lion on them and make their lives as miserable as they make their dogs and the animals they hunt.
Where did you find the list? Did you have to request it from the DNR?

Rachel Tilseth said...

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin is working to end bear hunting with dogs in the north woods. We are working with a senator and another organization. There is a plan of action for those living in areas and experiencing problems with bear hunters on the blog. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.
Rachel Tilseth

Anonymous said...

Badgers: let's respect all our animals. Humans who abuse animals and watch their dogs die violent deaths while under their "care" need to be convicted of this crime. Tighten up the statutes, fine those who are in the habit of letting their dogs be killed.

Fine convicted, known offenders -- don't offer these people financial "rewards". Wisconsin's outrageous and barbaric sport of "bear baiting" should stop.
Jail anyone convicted of putting their dogs and wildlife in situations of having to fight to the death because our laws allegedly "allow" it.

951.08  Instigating fights between animals.
(1) No person may intentionally ... aid or abet as a principal, agent or employee, or participate in the earnings from ... fight[s] between the same or different kinds of animals....
(2m) If a person has been convicted under sub. (1) or (2), the person may not own, possess, keep or train any animal for a period of 5 years after the conviction. In computing the 5-year period, time which the person spent in actual confinement serving a criminal sentence shall be excluded.

(a) Whoever is concerned in the commission of a violation of this section is a principal and may be charged with and convicted of the violation although he or she did not directly commit it and although the person who directly committed it has not been convicted of the violation.

Anonymous said...

THROWING THE HOUNDS TO THE WOLVES: Come on Wisconsin, we can do better for our animals both our hunting dogs and our wildlife! This is NOT about anti-hunting or even about the number of wolves we should allow to live in our state. This is about a small but very brutal bear hunting/hounding culture that is out of control and one that has been allowed to write their own rules (so to speak). This is about that small group intentionally putting their hounds in harms way and getting reimbursed for it. They have been given free reign by our current administration and they seem unable and unwilling to self-regulate. If you are a traditional hunter or ethical sportsmen in Wisconsin you should be ashamed for remaining silent and supporting this!! I grew up in a subsistence hunting family and carried that tradition into the 5th generation. But I refuse to take part in any Wisconsin Hunt as long as these people represent “us” in the eyes of the public. I stopped buying a hunting license the year that our legislators passed a law that made Wisconsin the only state allowing bear hound hunters to also hunt wolves with their hounds. That law was supported by almost every sporting/hunting group in this state including the WI Wildlife Federation. This is not hunting, this is not good old family tradition, it is legal animal fighting pure and simple and they have become the poster children for hunting in Wisconsin. There is no way any sporting/hunting group in this state can call themselves ethical or ask for respect when they support this type of brutality. Stop ignoring this, stop supporting this and stop being silent!!