Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hey, Scott Walker: Top 10 Surveys cut both ways

Walker is touting this on his Twitter feed:
For the first time ever, is a Top 10 state for business -- up from Bottom 10 under the Big Government special interests.
That finding is based on a survey of readers of Chief Executive Magazine.

I reported on that a little while ago.

Here are the results of another Top Ten survey based on interviews with 66,000 voters over several months:
Survey: Governor Scott Walker among the Top Ten “least popular” governors in the country


Anonymous said...

And let's not forget his use of the demeaning and debasing, "top ten ways to tell you may be in a public employees' union" to "raise the morale "of his staff.

joerossm said...

Someone should ask Walker about this morning's MJS headline:

For third straight year, Wisconsin ranks last in business startup activity