Monday, May 22, 2017

Brown water WI Governor, in black-and-white

Long-time Waupaca writer and Wisconsin conservation activist Patrick Durkin reports that right-wing Gov. and special-interest water carrier Scott Walker walked away through a side door after evading the question and answer session at the recent annual meeting of the state-chartered Wisconsin Conservation Congress, an official DNR advisory body:
Maybe Gov. Walker was worried a WCC delegate might ask how he would respond if the water for his home or the governor’s mansion were so contaminated by livestock manure that his family couldn’t drink it or bathe in it. Would he settle for DNR-supplied bottled water, even if it were delivered daily by DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp?

Clearly another Walker re-election mode move.

And speaking of campaigns and brown water, Walker had no problem meeting recently with other members of a club he chairs:
The Brown Water Republicans
GOP convention at Dells water park highlights environmental failings.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy Stepp can't keep a janitorial contract for her building. How will she ever protect and enhance the environment for the whole state.