Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tommy Thompson made King of WI Naming Rights. Again.

Finally, some good news about the Wisconsin fiscal picture.

The state's GOP leadership has found a few extra million bucks and knows how to spend it, so let's just say there's gonna be another Tommy Thompson trading card for your collection!

You've already got your Governor Thompson State Park card, and one of those Governor Tommy G.Thompson State Fish Hatchery cards

Governor Tommy Thompson hatchery

and the Tommy G. Thompson WHEDA Commerce Center card, and a Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds card in that album of yours - - not to mention the rare Governor Tommy Thompson Amtrak locomotive card - - for those still searching eBay for an affordable example, some photos of AMTK 182 are here.

But soon...drum roll, please...make a space for a Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership on the UW Madison campus card.

On a campus where there's already a public policy school.

No matter. 

Funded through a budget that will not provide enough money to fill the potholes in your streets, or finance buses for people without cars to get to jobs or make a dent in processing Attorney General Brad Schimel's backlog of untested rape kits.

No matter - - Wisconsin Republicans have their priorities. 

And imagine what Republicans have in store for us when Scott Walker finally gets a retirement job.

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