Thursday, May 18, 2017

Walker won't showcase this WI-dead-last biz ranking

Gov. Walker's easy-money, buzzword-laden but still out-of-control Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation brags on its website about a "vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem" (seriously, spare us!) being nurtured somewhere in the Badger State.

But while Governor Clueless touted for election-year credit on his Twitter feed a CEO magazine's feel-good-opinions-about-Wisconsin - - noted yesterday, here - -you won't find him tweeting about this data-driven, 50-state comparative business ranking showing Wisconsin frozen in the 50th spot - - again - - in the always-significant business category: entrepreneurial, start-up activity.

Wisconsin once again ranks last in Kauffman startup activity index

Once again, the Kauffman Foundation has pegged Wisconsin as the worst state in the nation for startup activity.
And it’s not even close.
The state has received the worst scores in the U.S. for new business creation from the foundation since 2015. 
This despite Walker's years of make-the-donors-happy implementation of business tax cuts, millions in oversight-free state-provided WEDC loans and grants, low wages enforced by right-to-work laws and a $7.25-an-hour mandated floor he won't raise, plus rolled-back construction and environmental regulations.

All coordinated with an equally business-friendly Legislature, Attorney General and State Supreme Court to support Walker's failed 'chamber of commerce mentality' government that cannot even claim mediocrity.

Waiting for Kaufmann's #49-ranked Alabama to start wooing entrepreneurs with 'Start your business in Alabama; We're no Wisconsin!'

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