Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trump/GOP hit on Obama legacy echoes McConnell's opening attack

We're hearing that Trump is likely to remove the US from the very important Barack Obama policy win and international initiative to stem climate change known as the Paris Accord.
Obama standing with his arms folded and smiling
Just as Trump is trying to weaken Obama's sanctions against the Russians for election interference, is still trying to repeal ObamaCare, has been rolling back civil rights, voting rights and transgender protections, is ending EPA clean air and water regulations, weakening public school funding, etc.

In other words, trying to pretend that Obama was never President, just as GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell said his goal was to limit Obama to a single term when he won the 2008 election.

Truth is that the no-drama, scandal-free and detail-attentive Obama administration will be remembered far more favorably than the incoherent, leaking, unspooling, already-scandal-ridden and perhaps very, very brief Trump presidency.

To which only Milwaukee Sheriff and gruesome jail manager David Clarke is vigorously swimming.

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