Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2016 was Walker's worst yet for WI job creation

No wonder right-wing Wisconsin GOP governor and fake job-creator Scott Walker 
is still more than 75,000 jobs short of the 250,000 new jobs he promised repeatedly during his 2010 and 2012 campaigns that he'd bring about after just four years in office.

Data from the federal source Walker tout as the gold standard for such accounting when he likes the numbers showed that 2016 was a job-creating disaster for Walker and the state:

*  Less than 12,000 jobs were netted in Wisconsin during the entire year.

*  A rate only one-third of the already-paltry annual average for his first five years in office.

Basically, Wisconsin under Walker missed the recovery engineered by former President Barack Obama.

In fact, the same federal data also shows a decline in wages statewide for 2016, too.

And the state numbers would have been worse for 2016 if Walker's budget attack on the UW-Madison and its students through suppressionist ballot-box legislation had depressed strong growth in Dane County that takes place despite Walker, not to his credit.

You put that together with his dead-in-the-water proposed budget, the second-worst-in-the-nation rating for road repairs and dead-last position three years in a row for business startup activity - - details, here - - and there is nothing that recommends him for a third term except a campaign treasury fattened by special interest donors who like his business tax cuts and easy WEDC loans that come with little accounting for jobs actually created.

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