Sunday, May 7, 2017

US Sen. health bill panel has unique women's perspective

Unique, as in, all-male.
No women among senators working on ObamaCare repeal bill
So more than 50% of US citizens remain consigned to second-class citizen status by old white men running the GOP.
Mitch McConnell portrait 2016.jpg
Political troglodytes who will rely upon, at best, their second-hand experiences on basic health care matters such as pregnancy, pre-natal-care, family planning, women's reproductive cancers and other issues, such as dementia, which current data show falls most heavily on women to write a health care bill with life-and-death consequences.

Not to mention that women live longer than men, with all sorts of implications for health services, research, cost, and so on.

But look at the positives:

The GOP didn't go the tokenism route, so props for consistency.

And no doubt women's health expert and GOP icon Todd Akin is available to consult.

Also Donald "Locker-Room Talk" Trump.

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