Sunday, May 14, 2017

Of course Donald "Two Scoops" thinks exercise is bad for you

He heard the 'theory' at the monthly dinner meeting of The Flat Earth and Leeches Society. 

The presentation was titled "Rationalizations for Laziness," followed by an appropriate meal and second lecture - - 
Ice Cream dessert 02.jpg
 - - "KFC and extra ice cream are good for the arteries."

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Anonymous said...

And laziness is the subject of the day about the reporters for the JS. Apparently there is reporting that state Rep. Tittl had some issues last year with his rental units that nearly killed people from carbon monoxide poisoning. Important enough that Manitowoc police reportedly confiscated the boiler. According to the reporting the heat exchanger was cracked and not repaired. Not a peep about it in the JS even though this has been ongoing for some time. Maybe the JS reporters don't want to jeopardize getting that second scoop.