Friday, May 26, 2017

Walker to make WI #1 in cold-hearted citizen humiliation

[Updated] Wisconsin under right-wing GOP Governor and career public benefit recipient Scott Walker
ranks poorly among the 50 states on everything from job creation to clean well water to road repairs to new business start-up activity - - more facts about his record, here - -  but, by God, he's figured out a way to make us first in something:

Drug-testing some low-income health care applicants before they get the aid, regardless of the cost to taxpayers or the health-care recipients state of mind.

And as to the cost to taxpayers, note the waste in this stupid power play:

As of March, about 1,900 W-2 participants had been screened for drugs, with only nine of those — less than one-half of 1% — referred for treatment and none successfully completing it, according to the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office.
If you want to drug-test Wisconsinites when public dollars might at risk and whose judgment might be clouded by substance abuse, how about testing the people who repeatedly gave away or pocketed millions of public dollars without routine accountability?

Update: The GOP-led, Walker-obesiant Legislature's budget-writing committee has also approved a host of measures further restricting food stamp and other assistance to the poor

The real message is: move out!