Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Missouri Memorial holiday tribute for wage-depressing Walker

[Updated] Great way for this guy 

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to honor Wisconsin and celebrate Memorial Day weekend, especially the contributions of veterans in the building trades:
Gov. Eric Greitens on Tuesday signed legislation banning local governments from giving preferential treatment to union contractors on public construction projects. And sharing the stage with him when he signed it was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
Walker, who was in St. Louis for a fundraiser as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, rose to national prominence after a series of fights with labor unions in Wisconsin and surviving a recall attempt in 2012.
Call it another signature Wisconsin export.
Wisconsin employment in low-wage occupations has increased markedly since 2000, with the growth accelerating since 2010, a new study by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Marc Levine finds...
Levine found that in 2000, low-wage occupations accounted for 24.5% of Wisconsin's jobs, and middle-wage occupations for 52.4.
But by 2013, low-wage occupations made up 30.7% of the state's employment. Middle-wage occupations had shrunk to 45.1%. 
And by 2015, Wisconsin Public Radio reported:

Wisconsin Has Seen Largest Middle-Class Decline Of Any State, Study Finds

Economist Says De-Unionization, Recession, Erosion Of Manufacturing Are Factors
So good luck, Show-me-state-Missouri.  

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