Friday, May 5, 2017

Walker backtracks on health coverages; trust at your risk

Walker says late Friday never mind about his eagerness to get on board the 'opt out of pre-existing conditions' bandwagon set in motion by his best pal Paul Ryan.

Saturday Update: As a Facebook friend said, "He's showed his true colors."

And Walker's retreat shows how deeply unpopular TrumpCare instantly became, threatening Trump's Wisconsin base which includes Walker's rural, small town and ideological constituencies.

This from the guy who during his 2014 re-election campaign downplayed the Presidential talk and then jumped right in with all the apparatus and apparatchiks in place and began flip-flopping.

Same guy who said he had no interest in seeing 'right-to-work' legislation on his desk, then completed a flip and signed it quickly.

And had several positions on taking Obama-era stimulus funding.

As he did on ethanol fuel policy.

Likewise for immigrants' status.

And calculating budget deficits - - arcane but so telling.

So you get the picture.

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