Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scott Walker's years of self-interested corporate servitude

[Updated from 5/19/17] From time to time I consolidate some summary blog posts into a single archive.

Today's offering, though incomplete, is supported by hundreds of references and links that point readers to right-wing GOP's WI Gov. Scott Walker's long-standing self-promotion and corporate servitude at the expense of the public interest.

*  This most recent post about Walker's service to private interests is being continually updated:

Walker keeps delivering special interest privatization, favors
* This recent post tied together many of Walker's failed business-related moves:
That's some failing business you're running, Governor
* This 2017 post about Trump's special interest focus following the Walker pattern:
Get used to more corporate control of Wisconsin, US environment 
* This 2016 post focused on Walker's destruction of the Wisconsin DNR
Inside the WI DNR: poor morale, fear, despair over lost mission
*  This 2016 post gathered together John Doe probe news and an earlier disclosure of Koch interests' Walker grooming that dates to 2007 and has been studiously ignored by Wisconsin media:
Blockbuster Doe filing reminder of Walker disclosures past

* This 2015 post was a broad summary of Walker's history principally intended for out-of-state readers: 
Walker facts little-known outside of Wisconsin
* A related 2015 post examined whether Walker deserved his claim to being 'midwestern nice':
National media often fail Scott Walker reporting
* This 2015 post focused on Walker's service to donors:
Walker, Wisconsin's GOP serving donors, escalate war on science
* This 2013 post summarized Walker's ruination of Amtrak expansion and the rail transit  industry:
In job poor state, Walker derailed Wisconsin's emerging rail industry
* This 2013 post followed the Wisconsin GOP's plans to evade the state constitution's water protections known as the Public Trust Doctrine:
Ultimate GOP Environmental Target in Wisconsin is the Public Trust Doctrine

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