Friday, May 26, 2017

GOP pols misunderstand "Bully Pulpit," project "Ugly American"

Trump got elected President despite ginning up supporters to "knock the crap" out of certain people at his rallies and creating a hostile atmosphere for reporters covering his campaign, so it's not surprising that his GOP ally Greg Gianforte
Greg Gianforte crop.jpg
could win a Congressional seat in Montana last night after knocking the crap out of a reporter the day before.

The penalty for misdemeanor assault in Montana is a $500 fine, or a six month jail sentence, or both, but apparently there's no penalty for knocking the crap out of a reporter and then lying to the public about who knocked the crap out of whom.

Neutral witnesses noted and publicized the incident's actual true facts, and the congressional candidate who won the election in heavily-Republican Montana where most voters cast early ballots did apologize on election night for knocking the crap out of the reporter but did not apologize for the coverup lies his campaign told on his behalf after the assault.

The country is in deeper trouble if a Congressional candidate can knock the crap out of a reporter, offer a half-apology and be seated in the US Congress.

"Bully pulpit" is a phrase coined by former US President Teddy Roosevelt to describe the virtues and opportunities of Presidential leadership.

The Trumpian breed of GOP politician is light years away from TR because they are taking "bully" as a blueprint.

Trump even shoved aside a world leader for a better spot in a photo op, so that became photographic proof of Trump's bullying penchant.

These Republican power trippers better look to "Ugly American," and instead of knocking the crap out of people, trying just knocking it off.

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