Sunday, May 21, 2017

Walker touts state parks where he raised fees, killed operating $$

How would you feel if you got a special invitation to dinner by the manager of your favorite restaurant only to learn that he was planning to again raise the menu prices because he had stopped investing in the operation.

Right-wing GOP Gov. and public resource privatization champion Scott Walker may have launched his most hypocritical re-election ploy to date by Tweeting (below) an invitation to Wisconsin State Parks - - including Copper Falls State Park 
A view of Copper Falls in the fall.
which would have been trashed had the miles of open-pit iron mining Walker tried to dynamite into that watershed not been blocked - - after killing in his 2015-'17 budget all state operating funding for those parks while raising park admission and camping fees.

This is not the first time that Team Walker has pitched a visit to Copper Falls State Park as if the mining push never happened.

And, for good measure, Walker is including another round of park fee increases in his proposed 2017-'19 budget, setting up the need for corporate naming rights and other private-sector perks on public land.

I mean, this takes the cake:
Check out this article from : “10 top Wisconsin state parks to visit this summer”


Anonymous said...

James, there is a lot more going on that the public is not aware of that needs to be somehow brought out in the press. Walker's end game is to shut down the parks. Please look into the number of employees leaving the park system. Please find out why the Wis Park Ranger jobs are going to be turned into maintenance positions. The exact same thing is going on in the Wis State Forests. Look into why the employees are under a gag order. They can't even use the phrase, "I'm not allowed to talk about the realignment." Walker is a dirt bag who has no moral values. While he is destroying our parks and forests, he is also uprooting the lives of hundreds of employees. The family and friends of these dedicated workers, are also not able to talk to the press out of fear of retaliation.

Another story you need to look into is, where are the Democrats while this is going on? This story is the winning hand in what Walker thinks is nothing but a card game he gets paid to play. If citizens of this state are informed of this one issue, he will be tossed out in the streets.

Where is the media while this is happening? You James, could be the match that strikes the fire that knocks out this clown.

You will see me signed as anonymous, knowing that if I put my name on a public blog, there would be retaliation.

James Rowen said...

thank you for the comment. People should send me more details.

James Rowen said...

There is a confidential email account listed at the top of the blog for tips, document URL's, etc.

Sheila Ray said...

I Pray and hope that someone or better yet a multitude of people will open up. We cannot sit on our laurels and hope for the best. Now is the time to become active in in the preservation of our home, Earth! Why do you think such antics, as the ones walker is performing have come to light? It is for us to take notice! Wake up and become active! Please anonymous if you know more Share! I think we will all need to come together and be the Match that Strikes the fire!

Sheila Ray said...

I Pray someone, or better yet a multitude of people share what they know. Fear is such a low slimy, terrible way of controlling others. Why do you think such antics as the ones walker is performing have come to the surface? It is our wake up call! it is to get our attention! Now is the time we can no longer sit on our Laurels and hope for the best. We must all become active in the preservation of our home, Earth! Yes where were the Dems? This is not a party issue alone,! It's a Money issue! There are so many politicians dems and rebups alike that just follow the money. I believe if we all take action we can all become the match that strikes the fire to knock out anyone of them that simply do what they do to follow the Money! I hope if you know more anonymous you will find the strength to share your insight. We need voices and action to be the change for our Grandchildren. I couldn't imagine not being able to share the beautiful places I have seen in Wisconsin with my grandchildren, should I be lucky enough to have them.

Anonymous said...

James, I am unable to locate the email address?????

James Rowen said...

Should be up at the top right corner of the blog face page.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to leave my suggestion as anonymous.
Contact some of the state parks and forests offices and ask about employees who have left. The Northern Highlands would be a place to start. From what I have heard, one of their experienced and outstanding rangers has just left. Employees who have given up on working for the state would be willing to talk.