Monday, May 29, 2017

Must-read local voice from CAFO-damaged rural WI

I've tried to follow the multiple political and environmental land and water issues forced on Wisconsin by big special interests
but I haven't read a better summary from ground zero than this account from The Kewaunee County Comet: 
A 1,000-cow herd addition requires spreading the untreated waste equivalent to 20,000 humans over land that may be unsuited to accept this amount of untreated manure. 
The herd size increases of just the first few months of 2017 in Door and Kewaunee County will add the human waste equivalent of the entire population of Green Bay to the hundreds of millions of gallons of liquid manure already being applied here... 
For those living in here with concerns about health, property values, and overall quality of life, the further expansion of large-scale farms did not seem like much of a win...
For those who value Wisconsin’s waterways, the continued approval of more and more high-capacity wells and more and more herd expansions in vulnerable areas, the resulting dry lakes and compromised water quality probably won’t feel like a big win.
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My thanks to the writer and publisher.

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