Monday, May 8, 2017

With zero credibility, Walker floats another bright health plan idea

Just a couple of days after back-tracking on whether to 'opt' Wisconsin out of ObamaCare health insurance coverages, right-wing GOP Gov. and persistent enemy of public employees, minorities, urban residents and Medicare clients Scott Walker floated out a plan to move state employees' coverage into a self-insured model.

While claiming the switch will save money without diminishing coverages - - sounds like the Trump/Ryan b.s., no? - - Walker's problem is that he has no credibility when asking for the people's trust about health care planning, provision of coverages and anything from clean water to clean air to transportation issues to education to government transparency - - anything that touches any citizen or state policy.

Nothing new for Walker, as I said a few weeks after he took office in 2011:

Among Scott Walker's Deficits: Moral Authority
And don't forget that Walker initially spun Act 10 as "a modest proposal."

Don't trust him as far as you can throw him. 

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Anonymous said...

If he gets control of a self funded insurance program for state employees they are totally screwed. They will get very little coverage with high premiums ,high deductibles and high premiums. If they thought they took a beating with Act 10.....they will get absolutely hosed by Walker running the insurance program.

As an aside....does anyone know how many state employees were purged when Walker ended the civil service protections and gave supervisors total authority to dismiss employees for anything which the supervisors didn't like or just because they had the power to dismiss at will?