Tuesday, May 9, 2017

About Walker re-energizing WEDC...

I want to be the first to say that there is absolutely no connection between right-wing GOP WI Gov. and failed jobs-creator Scott Walker's 2018 re-election campaign and the proposed increase in his budget's funding for the failed WEDC job-creating agency, and the proposed WEDC re-opened loan spigot which had fed donors since its inception and his need to look like he's actually doing something about his dismal -job-creating record and the state's stalled economy.

Just because Walker quit chairing WEDC after creating it and then steering it into the political muck just as he hoped to showcase it to a national presidential campaign audience is no reason to ascribe any pattern of calculation to Walker about WEDC except an honest effort to create those 250,000 new jobs which he's now two+ years and 65,000 positions behind schedule.

Look: Walker is already on record saying that he did not submit a re-election budget, so that proves there's nothing political about the timing of a budget increase for WEDC or bringing back its tainted loan program.

Also do not forget that Walker has shown over the years - - from fairly describing little 'ol Act 10 as just "a modest proposal' to considering opting Wisconsin out of insuring citizens' pre-existing medical conditions - - that his word on behalf of the people is his bond, so there's no reason to look for for anything two-faced or sinister in his declaration that he didn't submit an election budget.

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