Saturday, May 27, 2017

Robin Vos has political dreams for UW 'leadership' center

I'd noted recently that Wisconsin GOP leaders were launching through the pending state budget the umpteenth facility named after former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson - - purportedly an academically-credible 'Leadership' Center on the UW campus - - but then veteran UW-Madison thought controller and partisan eager beaver GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos forgot out loud the cover story:
Picture of Representative Robin VosIn addition to statements about bipartisanship in announcing the center, Vos spoke of his long-held belief that conservative ideology gets short shrift at UW. 
“Hopefully it will be able to offset some of the liberal thinking," Vos said of the center to Wisconsin Public Radio. 
"This is just hoping that we can have a balance of thought on campus."
I guess everyone is entitled to his or own version of the Wisconsin Idea - - like Walker did not too long ago when Vos concluded Walker's timing was off.

And I see Vos' point, as Wisconsin-based conservative groups like the Bradley Foundation can't afford to underwrite studies and writers and advocacy and think tanks.

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