Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ron Johnson adds fresh WI GOP sleaze to Trump/Comey

Earlier, it was Republican Not-Speaking US House Speaker Paul Ryan who continued the pro-Trump Wisconsin partisan enabling which put an unstable, unqualified President in the White House with GOP endorsements and votes.

Now we have GOP US Senator Ron Johnson unable to muster anything stronger on the Trump-Comey scandal than "troubling" if Trump indeed had secretly taped former FBI Director Jim Comey, but reducing the barely noticeable impact of his soft-as-can-be concern by adding to the discussion, without evidence

the prospect that the law enforcement official may have made secret recordings... 
The Republican senator from Oshkosh called that idea hypothetical, telling reporters at the Wisconsin Republican Party convention that Trump had “said that Comey had better not have recorded him.”
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
OK, ok - - what do you expect from a self-proclaimed "rich guy" who saw a Fox host call out for a rich guy from Wisconsin to run for the US Senate, and Johnson turned to his wife and said, 'is he talking to me.'

True story - - in his own words.

While grasping their partisan motives and bottomless stupidity, credit these Republicans for party discipline and solidarity.

That's how through US Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's unbreakable determination the GOP held tough and stole a US Supreme Court seat which will guarantee their elitist, big-donor agenda gets cemented for decades even if President Pence only gets one partial term.

Hat tip, West side reader.

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