Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WI ag wells' permits to be permanent; feedlot permits are, de facto

The GOP-led, corporately-captured WI Legislature, Governor's Office and Attorney General opinion writing machine have lined up to give Big Ag and Big Dairy and Big Feedlot what they long-sought: permanent rights to groundwater for their existing 13,000 high-capacity wells.

Now it seems that about one-third of those water-hungry, manure-producing feedlots are operating on expired permits, enjoying giving the same kind of out-of-sight/out-of-mind permit permanence and freedom from publicly-focused oversight that will soon attach to their high-capacity wells.

No wonder Wisconsin is awash in manure overflows, contaminated drinking water wells and campaign contributions to the enablers?

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (CC-BY-NC-ND)

One-Third Of Wisconsin CAFOs Operating Under Expired Permits

Backlog Raises Concerns Over DNR Enforcement Capacity


Anonymous said...

I don't see how they will catch up with the permits. DNR simply doesn't have the number of staff and many are new. If people don't stand up, water from all sources in WI will be undrinkable.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with the DNR CAFO people. The management keeps them so busy with required meetings, training, and assistance to other programs they dont have time for enforcement. This is a thought out plan by the administration. Seriously, Walker/Stepp do not want enforcement. They will put on a facade by hiring a couple more people, but then make sure the field staff has its hands tied by keeping the people occupied with required bureaucratic bs. If you get almost any field dnr person alone, they will confirm this.

Walker/Stepp are a total disgrace to say the least. Evil.