Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saving the Milwaukee County Grounds is worth the fight

Regrettable that the people have to fund a fight against special interests and government at several levels to preserve what is left of the common resource known as the Milwaukee County Grounds - - and the organizing is visible and progressing.

Props also to the allies at Friends of the Monarch Trail whose good work there will help save important habitat on the County Grounds this threatened species needs to thrive.

It's all related, and we're all in this together.

Read on:
Dear Monarch Friends,

Once again we are called to help protect another portion of the County Grounds.  (To be clear, our 11-acre preserve, containing the fall roosting sites is protected.)

But now, Wauwatosa wants to develop in County Grounds Park!  They are saying they need to develop parkland in order to save Sanctuary Woods.  This “land swap” is unacceptable. (See map below.)

County Grounds Park is currently being restored as replacement habitat for Monarch butterflies!  Over $200,000 has already been allotted for this restoration.
Our agreement with Milwaukee County and Wauwatosa per the Habitat Restoration Plan for the County Grounds reads: “This parcel, (County Grounds Park) greater than 50 acres in size will provide new habitat area to replace those lost or impacted by the UWM development and to help reconnect the previously severed Environmental Corridor.”

The whole of the County Grounds has reached its limit and cannot withstand another slice taken off.  We need to take action for monarchs, birds and the future of the County Grounds.  What can I do?

1. Write a letter, email and call the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors:
(Click on link to view each Supervisor’s contact info.)

2. Write a letter, email and call the Parks Director John Dargle:
(Phone 414-257-7275, press “0” and leave a message)

3. Write a letter, email and call (414-278-4211) the County Executive Chris Abele:
(Phone 414- 278-4211)

4. REALLY IMPORTANT--Attend the Milwaukee County Committee on Parks, Energy and Environment Meeting: 
Tuesday, May 16th 9:00 am
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors
Milwaukee County Courthouse, Rm. 201B
901 N. 9th St. Milwaukee, WI 53233

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