Saturday, May 27, 2017

Golf course annexation scheme gets 5/30 public review

Talk about the rich and powerful tilting the playing field in the middle of a game.

Frustrated with local opposition in the Town of Wilson to the Kohler proposal to convert a 247-acre wetland/rare dune/native artifact rich-nature preserve 

into a high-end golf course, Kohler interests have launched an annexation petition that would repress the opposition by moving the property's boundaries into the City of Sheboygan for perhaps a more favorable reception.

The annexation scheme is on the City's Plan Commission agenda Tuesday, May 30 at 4:00 p.m, beginning with a public input period:

2.2 Approval of the Plan Commission minutes from May 9, 2017.
2.3 Kohler Annexation--Public Input
2.4 R. O. No. 32-17-18 by the City Clerk submitting a communication from Reinhart Attys. at Law at the request of their client, Kohler Co., a Wisconsin corporation ("Kohler"), enclosing the Annexation Petition for lands in the vicinity of Stahl Road (CTH KK) and 12th St. (CTH V) in the Town of Wilson.
2.5 Gen. Ord. No. 4-17-18 by Ald. Bohren and Sorenson amending the City's Zoning Map of the Sheboygan Zoning Ordinance to change the Use District Classification of property being the entire area included in the annexation petition as shown on the attached map received and dated May 15, 2017, from Town of Wilson P1, A2, A3 and R1 to Class Suburban Residential (SR-5) Classification.

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