Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tweets indicate Clarke jumped the gun. Shark, too?

Worth following: Too quick on the draw?

  1. It looks like got a little ahead of DHS with his announcement.

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    For background on , read work of on jail inmate dehydration death

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    Looks like the guy is replacing isn't thrilled by news of his successor.


Sue said...

They haven't quite finished the employment negotiations, that's all. Like does Dave get to bring his horse, does he get to keep wearing his Walker Texas Ranger hat, is there room in the Trump Administration for two Twitter maniacs ... that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

They are still developing the Rosemary Woods equipment proficiency test.

That may account for the delay.

Anonymous said...

That should really work outs well. Clark works so well with his bosses. His way or no way. If he doesn't like what they want him to do, he'll sue them. How much has he cost the tax payers with his law suits he's lost? Will he be taking Wagner, his main cheer leader with him?