Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's Clean Air Month; act to save WI's Black River Forest

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - - without reminding you that it worked to oppose then-President Barack Obama's Clean Air Initiative and also scrubbed information off its web pages about climate change linked to smokestack emissions and other air-polluting human activity - - is issuing email alerts and news releases about May being Clean Air Month and touting a kids' poetry contest it's sponsoring as a way to celebrate.

"How Can YOU improve air quality?," the DNR asks.

Well, the contest is a nice idea  - - though how many of these youngsters or their parents or know the DNR wiped kids' teaching units  (the popular EEK! science programs) off the agency's website because of the informative climate change content - -  but here's another suggestion about how to act to improve air quality:

Send your comments before the end of the day May 8th (deadline extended from today, May 6th) to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Tell the agency that you oppose its issuing a wetlands permit that would lead eventually to the destruction of about 150 acres of mature, air-cleansing mature trees on the 247-acre wetlands-and-dunes-and native peoples artifacts'-rich Black River Forest nature preserve - - 

- - where Kohler interests want to build a golf course along Lake Michigan just south of Sheboygan.

Here are the comment details, and Happy Clean Air Month.

Send or email your comments to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Attn: Jessica Kempke, 211 North Broadway, Suite 221, Green Bay WI 54303. Or email to: 

Also: here's a partial list from 2015 of where the Walker/GOP Legislative/right-wing AG/DNR/WMC/PSC regime has made Wisconsin's air dirtier:

*  Blocked wind turbine projects.

*  Added new fees to solar installations.

*  De-emphasized state and DNR focus on global warming and climate change.

*  Put barriers in front of Milwaukee's streetcar planning.

*  Killed highway-congestion mitigating programs and projects like Amtrak service between Milwaukee and Madison, all regional transit authorities statewide - - while trimming funding for local transit services.

*  Enabled oil pipeline expansion.

*  Raised the maximum speed limit.

*  Expanded road-building, but ended support for bike transportation and closed off the addition of bike and pedestrian paths along new state roads.

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Bill Sell said...

Having no shame, they plunge ahead. It is no longer ignorance but an inability to change mind in public. Let's keep them naked with the truth.