Thursday, June 1, 2017

In WI, Big Fitz stands even smaller today

And a special thanks to senior GOP State Senate Majority Leader, errand boy and brown-water carrier Scott Fitzgerald
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
for opining that the water privatizing-in-perpetuity bill he helped deliver for Coward-in-Chief Scott Walker's signature-in-private today could have been worse:
This is a good bill. It's solid. It doesn't go too far," Fitzgerald said last month. "You could have a bill that goes way farther than this. I've seen those. This bill is not that."
This is why we need a people's water movement in Wisconsin. 

An informative email from River Alliance of Wisconsin:

Groundwater Update
Governor Gives Away Our Waters, DNR Needs to Use Science to Manage the Waters of the Central Sands

Today, by signing SB 76 into law, the Governor affirmed that the interests of individuals and businesses that rely on groundwater do not matter as much as the agricultural industry (which has spent a lot of money lobbying to get what they want). 
  • The DNR will no longer review high capacity wells when they are repaired, replaced or transferred. 
  • Now homeowners, small businesses, and lake and river users have to wait until harm is done and then spend their own time and money on lawsuits to protect our waters. 
  • Our thanks goes to Clean Wisconsin and the Pleasant Lake Management District; they are already challenging the DNR over well approvals they made in 2016.
SB 76 does require DNR to study and model several severely impacted watersheds in the Central Sands. However, no funding was allocated in the legislation. The DNR must request the funds to complete this work. While the study isn't perfect, the more information the DNR has to make science-based decisions the better. A budget amendment is expected to be presented to the Committee on Joint Finance next week. 

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