Friday, May 5, 2017

Another day, another GOP tax cut for the wealthy

The Greedy Old Party is nothing if not consistent.

Yesterday, the GOP-controlled House of representatives managed to pass a big tax cut for the wealthy disguised as health care reform.

Today, in Madison, the GOP-led State Assembly rolled out a plan to finance over-budget highways, but in reality it's a tax cut for the wealthy while lower-and-middle class Wisconsinites will pay regressively relatively more for gasoline at the pump.

As I said, credit them with consistency.

Guaranteeing the wealthy the certainty that Big Business also demands so they can continue to take more of the finer things society can offer - - like Wisconsin groundwater fresh water, clean air and now, affordable mobility.

While also taking a unique shot at Milwaukee County, further depriving residents of crucial transit services already under-funded.

Because the suburban GOP right-wing needs a Milwaukee with problems for their anti-urban narratives.

As Gov. Walker told a gathering in upper-income Waukesha County's Oconomowoc towards the end of his 2012 recall campaign, 'don't let Wisconsin become another Milwaukee.'

On, Wisconsin.

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