Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wrong-Way Walker's Sad Tweet

You know things are not going well when a survey among a group of base supporters is treated as if it were news, or worth repeating. This is like polling Packer fans, finding them optimistic about the season and treating their opinions as if they would determine the team's performance.

In 2010, a WI chamber survey of employers showed just 10% thought WI was headed in the right direction. Today, it’s 96%.
Also - - I took a look at the WMC's website about these surveys, and you should take a look at the answers some of these business leaders actually write down.
To questions about what are the biggest problems or their causes, you get answers from Wisconsin CEO's in their own words, like these:
"Obama. Obama. Obama."
"We have become a Socialist state and country.
And on the other side of the coin, more deep thoughts:
"Gov. Walker came at just the right time."
"Getting better with Walker!"
"Scott Walker is pro-business."
"If pro-business - - WI would go right-to-work."
Well, a CEO can dream.

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Boxer said...

What's really incredible is the lack of immaturity among Wisconsin CEOs:

"Liberals" ?

"Obama. Obama. Obama." ?

Where is that old third-grad standby: "Your mom wears Army boots."?