Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Walker/Barrett Equivalency Finally Falls Flat

Hindsight is 20/20, though there were plenty of warnings that this wouldn't hold up: find that Barrett, like Walker, is a capable and honorable public servant. But this election isn't about Tom Barrett. It's about Scott Walker. 
Even if you disagree with Walker's policies, does that justify cutting short his term as governor? And if so, where does such logic lead? To more recall elections? More turmoil? 
It's time to end the bickering and get back to the business of the state. We've had our differences with the governor, but he deserves a chance to complete his term. 
We recommended him in 2010. We see no reason to change that recommendation. We urge voters to support Walker in the June 5 recall election.
Or this one, earlier:
We have watched Walker and his opponent, Tom Barrett, for years. Both are decent, honest, principled public servants. 

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The view from 4th and State is apparently obstructed when they look east.