Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jim Spice, Et Al, Take A Bow; Your Data Derails Walker Claim

I think this is the first time in the Era of Walker Falsehoods that an online commenter and a Daily Kos/economics blogger get credit from PolitiFact for showing Walker's misleading use of official income data:

Bloggers say Wisconsin ranks last in income growth since Scott Walker became governor


Jake formerly of the LP said...

So I'm a Daily Kos blogger am I? Guess doing guest spots is the best way to get pub these days. :P

But it was nice to see, and shows why you need to constantly pound on things and remind the media to play it straight. Because occasionally you knock down part of the wall of propaganda, and show others that it can be done.

James Rowen said...

Links added.

jimspice said...

Not sure how it happened. I notified PolitiFact Milwaukee editors/contributors of my findings the night the original rating was published, and received a response shooting down my findings. Got a call two days ago to confirm my ID/comments for the recent update. Someone at JS still cares about context.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

They never even talked to me, first I knew about it was when I saw the headline.

We may not have the megaphone of 9 hours of GOP propaganda on 1130, 620 or 1310, nor the time, since we have jobs and lives, but we can still get the facts out if we work at it. I've given tips to certain reporters on stories, and seen them add the context, so apparently that's the way you gotta do it.