Friday, August 22, 2014

How You Know Sentiment Against WI Mega-Dairies Is Growing

When a GOP state legislator joins his Democratic rival in opposition.
Rep. Scott Krug, R-Rome, issued both a statement and letter to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Thursday, asking it to deny the high-capacity well permits currently under consideration for a proposed large-scale dairy in Saratoga.
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MAL said...

You could not be more spot-on that Krug's reversal is indicative of growing consciousness of the dangers of CAFOs and dumping millions of tons of cow manure into the environment. It should be noted that Krug did limit himself to one proposed CAFO in his district, ignoring the several existing CAFO in or near his district and avoiding the issue of non-point runoff. Still, your point stands. See

Gareth said...

The upcoming World Dairy Expo in Madison might be a good venue for those opposing the environmental consequences of CAFOs.

Betsey said...

As I've said before, these permits--whatever they're for: open pit mining, CAFOs, slaughterhouses, big box retailers, freeway expansions--all take on a quite different hue when it's your house they're being sited next to.

If only the the permits required CFOs, CEOs, presidents, governors and kings to live next door to their "creations."