Friday, August 15, 2014

WI DNR Slams Giant Polluter - - With $464 Fine

More of the same from the corporate servants Wrong-Way Walker installed at the top of the state's environmental regulator.

This really sends a message, aina.

I'm sure the oil pipeline companies are already setting aside hundreds of dollars to pay off the state when do their inevitable dirty work.


Anonymous said...

This is a bigger story. They are dumping not manure but rotten meat on fields. Is that even legal? Shouldn't they be composted?

MADISON, Wis. — The state Department of Natural Resources is fining a Marshall-based animal food facility $27,500 after it allegedly illegally disposed of animal matter.

The 14 claims against Bailey Farms, which turns dead livestock into animal food, stem in part from a 2010 visit by a DNR official responding to a waste dumping complaint, according to the Wisconsin State Journal ( ). The waste was spread on open fields within the Upper Rock River drainage basin.

The official saw a tanker truck discharging liquid waste "that emitted an extreme odor of decomposing animal matter and was surrounded by numerous animal entrails and thousands of flies" into a pit, court documents say.

The truck's driver, a Bailey employee, told the DNR official he had applied human waste from two septic tanks on the same property.

DNR officials witnessed more alleged violations in 2012 and 2013, including pollutants running from a vehicle storage building on the Bailey property to the Manushua River.

"The vegetation along the discharge was black and matted down and ... there was a strong odor associated" with it, the complaint states.

A man who described himself as the operations manager but didn't want to give his name said he had no comment Saturday.

According to the website for Bailey Farms Pet Food Co., the facility produces "raw frozen and freeze dried products ... for major greyhound race tracks, zoos, animal sanctuaries and commercial pet food manufacturers as well as the individual pet owner."

Boxer said...

The G-Tac execs have to do something with all those singles Tom Tiffany and Scott Suder stuffed in their G-strings.