Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For Walker, The Plan Is Delay, Delay, Delay

He's put an announcement about the Kenosha casino on hold through November, so losers in the decision can't retaliate at the ballot box.

There certainly will be no Waukesha water diversion decision, let alone substantive action before November.

And his pals at the Wisconsin Club for Growth are fighting to keep John Doe records secret, and that works to Walker's advantage.

The goal is to prevent fresh fires or scandals from breaking out so he can minimize dissatisfaction while keeping his messages simple.

And collect checks from all sides.

Though his message is continually misleading, since in what universe do "right direction" and "37th place" in job creation work together?

Or "fiscal conservatism" and "$500 million" lost?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

And it lets him grift campaign contributions from both sides, which is the REAL reason Scotty is holding off.

"Open for business" indeed. The business of Wrong Way Walker inc., that is. "Unintimidated"????

Anonymous said...

One would think that his crotch would be sore from all the fence sitting. Bur "Ahhhhhhh" that clink of money from all sides falling into his campaign war chest eases his suffering. Just another Walker scam that the media lets him get away with. Hopefully the voters see through this smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

Just think what the state could have done with half a billion dollars!

Max B. said...

We'd rather spend our state tax dollars on compensating hunting idiots for the loss of their dogs that they knowingly dragged through wok territory, or not tracking WEDC loans--I mean gifts--to campaign contributors, or gerrymandering voting districts, or defending unconstitutional legislation in court--just to make a point.

Wisconsin: We spend just as much if not more than we ever did--it's just that now our priorities are FUBARed. (Thanks to James for resurrecting FUBAR into common use on this blog. We needed it now.)