Saturday, August 16, 2014

In FL Redistricting Case, Echoes of WI GOP Shadow Redistricting

Now where have we heard this before:
The Republican-controlled Legislature on Monday approved new maps that would alter seven of the state’s 27 congressional districts after Judge Terry P. Lewis ruled the current districts were illegally drawn to benefit Republicans. He gave them until Aug. 15 to fix the maps, acting after the League of Women Voters and others contended that Republican consultants used a “shadow” process to draw districts that benefited Republicans.'s coming to me...wasn't it in Wisconsin during the 2011-'12 secrecy-laden redistricting...ahhh!- - there it is:
Three days before new election maps were made available to the public, Republicans supplied copies of some of them to former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, who now heads a group that spends heavily to elect GOP lawmakers.
The emails show the Republicans drawing the legislative maps were willing to share their work with Jensen and other outsiders just weeks after having nearly all Republican lawmakers sign agreements to keep them secret. They did not provide the maps to Democrats or the general public at that stage, and strenuously fought in court to keep their documents out of the public domain...

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Anonymous said...

That's our transparent governor and bought and paid for legislature following the ALEC playbook. When are people going to realize that the republican controlled states are following the blueprint given them by corporate sponsored ALEC and now ALEC has set its sights on local levels of government....all the way down to school boards. If this continues the capital and assets that once belonged to the people will now be either owned or controlled by those at the top of the economic pyramid.