Sunday, August 24, 2014

Troubled New York Hedge Fund Billionaire Sent Walker $1 Million

That would be Steven A. Cohen - - he of this spring's $900 million SEC civil settlement
A federal judge in New York on Thursday closed the government’s criminal case against former hedge fund powerhouse SAC Capital Advisors, accepting the once high-flying firm’s guilty plea and approving a $900 million fine.
The firm’s founder, Steven A. Cohen, has so far escaped criminal charges. But the firm that bore his initials agreed in November to plead guilty to an array of insider trading allegations and to pay overall penalties totaling $1.8 billion...
In a 41-page indictment handed down last summer, federal prosecutors described how insider trading permeated virtually every corner of SAC Capital. The indictment followed an investigation into the firm that lasted more than a decade. 
See page six of the Doe documents released Friday.


Anonymous said...

Since these guys may be writing off their contributions to WiCFG as charity (and therefore tax exempt) , it looks like the taxpayers are donating to Walker's campaigns.

A. Wag said...

They make such a cute couple!

Jim Limbach said...

Speaking of hedge fund criminals: