Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walker's Weird, Not-Believable Denial About Mining Donation

[Updated, 10:45 p.m.] If you are asked if you knew about a scandalous $700,000 donation funneled to your campaign by a company you've helped with a special, one-company bill, and your answer is "not to my knowledge," you added unnecessary verbiage and too many words to "no."
Asked if he was aware that Gogebic Taconite secretly donated $700,000 to Wisconsin Club for Growth — a pro-business advocacy group directed by the governor's campaign adviser — Walker said, "Not to my knowledge."
"Not to my knowledge?" 

What on earth does that mean, except you cannot answer simply and directly.

Update - - Actually, I now think it's an answer with deliberate distraction, confusion and wiggle room crafted by one of his attorneys.

Perhaps it's an answer to the question's query about "secretly."

Or to "donated?"

Parsed? One or the other? Both? What?

Does Walker need to ask Walker for clarification?

These days, you do not get the benefit of the doubt.


Gareth said...

This is extraordinary. Does this mean that if Walker were placed under hypnosis he might remember knowing about the $700K?

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry's answer would be: Ooops.

Just as telling as Scott "John Doe" Walker's "not to my knowledge", which proves he's been coached by his well paid lawyers. I predict that if Walker is ever deposed or testifies, he will do a great job. e is no doubt inspired by Archbishop John Nienstedt and Cardinal George Pell.

Jim Limbach said...

Easy to tell when Walker is lying (stop me if you've heard this before ... Haha) If his lips are moving, oh I hues you've heard this one.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

We need more smart-a$$ reporters who would then ask Walker "So you're saying it could have happened?"

Well said James, if the answer is anything other than "No, it didn't happen," it happened.

Anonymous said...

Since he's a college drop-out, I would venture his knowledge is suspect anyway. If he was asked if he thought Wisconsin voters were stupid and don't know how to connect the dots, he might give that same "not to my knowledge" non-answer. his campaign theme song ought to be the Sex Pistols' Pretty Vacant...

Anonymous said...

I think the illeagle scout was confused and thought they were asking what he was saying to Marquette when he dropped out: "not" to my knowledge. It's like the Walker of Oz---Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain!

NewWisGov said...

He thought the donation was going to be closer to a million so $700,000 was not the "knowledge" he had about the bribe.

Gillian said...

Uh-duh, let me consult the people who populate my puppet-string-teleprompter with content, since I am unable to articulate an intelligent thought otherwise. WALKER IS CORRUPT! Demand our state protect it's water and allow citizens to cross the railroad tracks without interference from private security guard goons from the private corporate Railroad companies having empowered police forces BY THE CHOICE of our state!