Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Not To My Knowledge" Paves Way For 'Oh, THAT Donation!'

Still reverberating on the front page:

The baffling, believe-me-not response of "Not to my knowledge" by our top-down micro-managing Governor Walker when asked if he knew the mining company being enabled by a sweetheart law to dig a controversial NW Wisconsin open-pit mine measured in miles had routed $700,000 to help his recall campaign.

On Walker's preferred donation route around disclosure laws he wanted potential donors to follow, court records reportedly indicated.

I now speculate that the odd construction in the response instead of a simple "No" was lawyer-dictated to provide wiggle room for restored memory should another smoking gun go off, say in the form of a statement to the contrary in a deposition, or an email in a hard drive found at a garage sale or in a post-it note found in the suit pocket at a certain Wauwatosa dry cleaner that says:
Drop off suit. Get milk, eggs, send thank you note for $700,000 donation. 


Gareth said...

A reverse-spin 'modified limited hangout'? (For youngsters, see: Nixon, Watergate)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a 'triple lindy' to me.

Mitch said...

Along with the epilogue, the paperback version has a new title: Unaware

Yar Grosch said...

Wrong Way Walker has got his finger holding open the door of plausible deniability. I for one will not be disappointed to see those finger caught in the door when the 7th Circuit Judges allow the prosecution to proceed.

Anonymous said...

Walker can always say, "Not to my knowledge" He has no knowledge whatsoever and never has. That's why he's a good little puppet for the rich.