Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Walker Mocks "Transparency." Again.

Wrong-Way Walker badly distorts "transparency" into 'whatever I do is automatically virtuous.'

This blog has tracked Walker's preposterous, Orwellian claims to transparency since he threw the word around even though his public, taxpayer-paid staff had set up a secret Internet communication and fund-raising system in his Milwaukee County Executive office suite.

Since he sucker-punched public employees after his election with the anti-collective bargaining "bomb" he dropped on them out of nowhere and whispered "divide-and-conquer" to one of his biggest, private-sector donors.

Walker - - or is he Tommy Flanagan? - - has no legitimate claim to transparency, and when he mouths it you know it's to cover up the exact opposite.

Hearing Walker embracing transparency after court documents showed him directing to his recall campaign millions of dollars in secret and possibly illegal campaign donations and valuable organizational coordination is like spotting a late-night pitchman for home gym equipment pff-camera wash down a bag of pork rinds with a 64-ounce soda.

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Boxer said...

Nice imagery. I can see Walker wolfing down the pork rinds (crunchy tidbits from out-of-state donors) . . . . washed down with a 64-ounce bottle of Koch.