Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walker Trying To Raise Money Off Obama's Labor Day MKE Visit

I won't include the links, but Scott K.ardashian Walker finds a new way to make everything in Wisconsin all about himself - - and to seek contributions for the Walker campaign. At least this pitch for $25 donations and your email address - - which is worth a whole lot more to the campaign - - is included in transparent fund-raiser - -  not like some secretive $700,000 mining company windfall or casino mogul Sheldon Adelson/hair stylist Donald Trump/hedge fund owner Steven Cohen/Koch brothers checks.

And P.S. - - Obama has been to Labor Fest twice since 2008, and Walker has met Obama on Milwaukee airport visits when the photo ops worked to boost the Governor's mini-statesman credentials, as well as in Green Bay, so reduce the drama, Walkerites:

HIGH ALERT: President Obama is coming to Wisconsin

President Obama is coming to Milwaukee on Labor Day for a massive Laborfest Rally.

The political purpose is clear: RALLY THE TROOPS TO DEFEAT GOVERNOR WALKER.

In a Governor's race that's too-close-to-call, Democrats are hoping a presidential appearance tips the balance, makes the difference, and makes their dream of defeating Governor Walker come true.

The media circus will create a surge of propaganda for the Burke Democrats. Don't be surprised if the Democrats use the Obama visit to raise millions.

Every dollar will be transformed into TV attack ads that are long on lies and short on truth.

We MUST fight back right now -- that's why we are announcing the creation of our Rapid Response Fund.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

The fear and projection is strong with these folks, isn't it? Hilariously, WisGOP's public face is "Obama's a drag on Burke", but this fundraising email says just the opposite.

How weak-minded do you have to be in order not to see the double-think, and realize these people are foolish grifters?

MadCityVoter said...

A Rapid Response Fund! Oh, boy! How about we get one of those to plug the $281 million hole in Wisconsin's budget, Governor?